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07-300 Ostrów Mazowiecka
ul. 3 Maja 66

Centrala 29 679 54 50
Tel. sekretariat 29 679 54 55 lub 56
Fax. 29 679 54 22

e-mail: poczta@ostrowmaz.pl

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Sport and recreation


Karate experts from Ostrow
The institution dealing with sport-recreation activity in the territory of the town is the Municipal Sport and Recreation Center which administers the following facilities:  multifunction sports pavilion, tennis courts, Jordanowski Garden and the sports stadium and new built building by the 10 H. Trębickiego Street, which consists of indoor swimming pool and sport hall. The fashion for a sports life style is manifested in big interest in using numerous forms offered by MOSiR (Municipal Sport and Recreation Center): yoga, gymnasium, aerobics, step, TBC, sauna, spine gymnastics, rehabilitation massage, a bowling-alley and a climbing wall. A big role in popularizing mass sports play amateur volleyball and football leagues  both in halls and  in
Tennis courts

open objects as well as cyclic sport bridge tournaments. Here also function the following sport clubs: OSTROWIANKA Folc Sport Club (weight lifting, athletics, cycling), OSTROVIA Football Club, UOLKA Student Ostrow Folc Athletics Club (weight lifting, boxing, athletics), SOKOL Ostrow Basketball Club, FIGHTER Sport Club (sport fights), Ostrow-Mazovian KYOKUSHIN KARATE Club. Competitors of Ostrow clubs win medals and championship titles at domestic

Grod Ksiazecy (Duke's Castle) in Ogrodek Jordanowski
as well as international competitions: Malwina Rowinska, Mateusz Lendzioszek, Piotr Krupa, Piotr Golba, Grzegorz Sitek.
MOSiR is an organizer of regular sport events the most spectacular of which are: all-Poland debuts of Polish Bodybuilding, Fitness and Weight Triathlon Association as well as local character events: contests for grammar and secondary students and tournaments for primary and grammar school children and youth.
PZKFiTS Debuts

Municipal authorities appreciating the role of sport devote considerable amounts to the development of sport and recreation base. In the built ‘Za Stawem’ Culture and Recreation Center there are arising among others: a sport hall and an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and artificial skating rink. In the near future there will be built new tennis courts, a Municipial Culture Centre, the library, the amphitheatre and restaurant.

Recreation with a fishing rod
Situated in the center of the forests of Biala Forest Ostrow Mazowiecka provides opportunities of bicycle recreation and tourism development. We invite to Wojciech Bogumil Jastrzebowski bicycle rout starting by the town pond in Ostrow Mazowiecka and ending its run on Brok Nadbuzanska Beach.
Remains of Biala Forest are a real paradise for mushroom pickers and hunters while water bodies for fishermen.
"Grom Ostrow" Team

Center of Culture and Recreation "Za Stawem
(Behind the Pond)