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07-300 Ostrów Mazowiecka
ul. 3 Maja 66

Centrala 29 679 54 50
Tel. sekretariat 29 679 54 55 lub 56
Fax. 29 679 54 22

e-mail: poczta@ostrowmaz.pl

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Ostrow Mazowiecka connects the East with the West


Polish and Italian youth during a common trip to Warsaw
In the recent years the town not only has developed economically, but also has changed its image from year to year, becomes modern and modern and more and more beautiful. It also opens wider and wider and more and more boldly to the world at the same time becoming a real bridge between the East and the West. This is not only thanks to advantageous location at the junction of important
Delegation of Ostrow circle of the Association of Siberian Deportees in Brembate di Sopra T. Jemielita, M. Tomasik and M. Imi, M. Zylowska
communication routs, but also openness and far-sightedness of the authorities and resourcefulness of the inhabitants. Ostrow economic and local government achievements were already many times awarded with prestigious rewards such as „Rzeczypospolita” the Best Town District Ranking or in  „Przejrzysta Polska” campaign run by Gazeta Wyborcza, Fundacja Agora, Polish-American Freedom Foundation, Stefan Batory Foundation, Local Democracy Development Foundation, Civic Education Center and the World Bank.
Mayor Mieczyslaw Szymalski is given a gift with the effigy of the coats of arms of the cities of Riazan District by Fiodor Polietajew
We are an active member of the Polish Towns Association, European Home and Inter-district Ziemia Ostrowska (Ostrow Land) Association. We are also more and more active in the international field. In 2002 we concluded a partner agreement with a northern Italian town Brembate di Sopra within which we organize exchange of grammar school teenagers (so far more than 250 students participated in it) as well as cultural and local government exchange. For a few years, the local government of Brembate di Sopra has funded scholarships for the best former pupils of Ostrow grammar schools.  Spectacular element of cooperation was visits of Ostrow Siberian deportees to Italy. They
Deputy Mayor Jerzy Pawluczuk to Zytomierz (Ukraine)
familiarized the inhabitants of Western Europe with the tragic fates of Polish people in the East during the World War II. Another town Ostrow has concluded an economic and cultural cooperation and teenagers exchange agreement is Russian Riazan. In a short prospect we also have plans of initiating partner relationships with a Greek town Kommeno-Artas and Ukrainian Tietijewem. As a matter of fact it will not be our first contact with Ukraina.

In 2007 Ostrow Youth Brass Band participated as the only Polish delegation, in international celebration of anniversary of setting up Zytomierz. If we still add that the town has close contacts with USA and Canada Embassies, one can say with no exaggeration that Ostrow connects the East with the West.